• A real estate advisor helps you find the best real estate investment according to your needs.

 • With Afixis, you benefit from the expertise of an engineer who can guarantee you the good condition of the property and you benefit from a perfectly bilingual English-Italian partner as a member of the team is native from Italy.

 • Afixis works closely with REMAX which is also a criterion of seriousness of this real estate consulting agency.

 • If you want to sell your property, contact us to discuss it!

 • A few solar trackers we installed:



Centre Perex



 • We installed a system in a 2 floor villa in Crete. The system was made of:
    8 solar pannels Sharp 175W
    1 wind turbine 900W
    1 inverter Struder HPC4024 (4400 W - 24 V)
    2 load controllers Phocos CR30LC
    12 batteries type 10 PzS 800 Solar
    Solar tracking mounting rack for solar pannels (follows the sun)

 • At Afixis we are in the real estate business since 1999.

 • After having based mainly in Crete, we decided to move towards Sicily and Italy for economic reasons in Greece [unfortunately].

 • The manager of Afixis also has extensive experience in the field of renewable energies and can also advise you in this field.

 • The Afixis team currently consists of two people going regularly to Italy to find the best properties for you and maintain good contacts with local partners.

 • Our activity is registered in Belgium under the number 0678.915.371 and we have been granted all autorisations for this business.

 • We have added to our products The Houses and Villa with Wooden frame as you will discover them in our special page about it.


 • Go to the page dedicated to wooden frame houses (page in new tab).